43r2020olio 2020 Olio Nuovo - Sold Out olio-nuovo

2020 Olio Nuovo - Sold Out

2020 Olio Nuovo - Sold Out
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Shipping November 2020 Olio Nuovo or “new oil” is what we call olive oil immediately after it is milled. Intense green flavors, tropical fruit aromas, cinnamon notes, and a peppery finish explode from this bright green liquid. Quite simply, it is bread dipping nirvana. America’s Test Kitchen calls it the “Beaujolais Nouveau of Olive Oil.” The intense flavor lasts only a few months before it starts to fade. We wish we could sell Olio Nuovo all year, but the small olive particles that give the oil these vibrant flavors must be filtered out so that our EVOO can be bottled and enjoyed throughout the year. Limited availability, get it before it sells out! Olive Oil at its freshest and boldest!

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