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Olio Nuovo is Italian for “New Oil”. However, the term has a specific meaning to connoisseurs of great Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To us, Olio Nuovo is the freshest possible olive oil you can buy. It is cloudy and usually a vibrant green color. The oil is full of herbaceous flavors and generally more pungent than our EVOO. The reason for the greater expression of flavor is due to the extreme freshness and the fact that small particles of the olive flesh are suspended in the oil. We bottle our Olio Nuovo in limited quantity immediately after our olives are milled and offer it for sale for one month after the harvest date.

If we could, we would sell Olio Nuovo all year. Unfortunately, those small particles that give the oil those vibrant flavors have a down side. If not filtered or racked (removing particles through settling), the olive pulp will oxidize and ruin the oil. We suggest using all Olio Nuovo before Valentine’s day. Don’t ever buy Olio Nuovo after the beginning of the new year. It won’t last long enough for you to enjoy it and has probably already lost the benefits of buying it in the first place.