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Our Grove

Our olive grove stretches across 20 acres on our family ranch in San Ardo, California.

We planted our first trees in 2011 and 2012.  We harvested our first crop in 2015.  The suitability of the land and care with which we farmed and crafted our oils was recognized in regional competitions in our first year of production.  In 2017, our oils were recognized as some of the best in California.  In 2019, our Picual was recognized as one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.


Origin: Spain
Oil Content: High
2400 Trees

Picual yields a superb quality oil. A distinctly tomato leaf note with rich dark undertones characterizes the variety. Picual oil has a very high polyphenol and oleic acid content. Globally, Picual accounts for more than one quarter of the world’s olive oil production. However, it is usually harvested late in the season to maximize yields for large scale producers. We focus only on quality, and ignore high yield potential. Thus, our Picual expresses all the complex potential of this cultivar.


Origin: Italy
Oil Content: Medium
1080 Trees

The oil is sweet, fruity and characterized by cinnamon-spice notes. Due to the delicate flavor of Leccino, it is frequently blended with other varieties to achieve a well balanced oil. It also requires the presence of another cultivar (in our case Pendolino) in order to pollinate and produce fruit.


Origin: U.C. Davis
Oil Content: High
1080 Trees

Floral, green banana, artichoke, and green tea notes are common characteristics. It has an excellent balance of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency. Lucca was developed at UC Davis from the Frantio Variety (Italian) for better suitability to California’s climate compared to Italy’s growing regions. The presence of another cultivar (in our case Pendolino) increases fruit production.


Origin: Italy
Oil Content: Medium
240 Trees

Primary function is as a pollinator. Good balance and sweetness. In the spring, the trees produce a comparatively long “bloom” making them the perfect pollinator for other Italian varieties.